Perfect Papers: NEW Higher Computing Science – ready to order for 2018/19.

6 years ago

And we are ready! We’ve written two papers, building on the format of the new paper and the coverage of the areas of study.  Each paper is 110 marks distributed across all four areas of study:

  • software design and development approximately 40%
  • computer systems approximately 10%
  • database design and development approximately 25%
  • web design and development approximately 25%

Section 1 is worth 25 marks, Section 2 is worth 85 marks. Each paper is designed to be completed in 2 hours and 30 minutes.

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Computing Science

To give you flexibility when preparing for national assessments, we’ve created two papers for each level – new Higher and National 5 Computing Science.  We’ve a paper for Advanced Higher Computing Science which conforms to the latest Courses Assessment Specification as well.

Papers you can edit!

You can order a PDF document or a Microsoft Word document that you can edit and change.  Every school /college is different so having the flexibility to make changes to meet the needs of your learners is great.

Our unique table based layout means that you can select and edit portions of the paper without affecting the presentation of the rest of the paper.

Download your papers

As always, our online store is available so that you can get your papers with the minimum of fuss. Just place your order and use your download code to securely access your files.

Need more papers

As always, our previous papers are available for download.  Want to purchase a selection for a special discount? Drop us an email.  Want to arrange a generous local authority discount? Get in touch.

We are always happy to help.

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