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8 years ago

Education Scotland are running two more sessions on Friday, 13th November about Cyber Security.  Details of the sessions:

Police Scotland decided at a strategic level that the best way to address the Cyber security problem that exists within society is through education.    The Cyber Security division of Police Scotland formed a partnership with Kyle Academy to come up with an education course for first year pupils that would involve pupils being taught how to identify the dangers their family face while using the internet and WWW.   Pupils would then go home and teach the different generations of their family how to stay safe while using the internet and WWW. Due to the success of the partnership SQA have developed an NPA in Cyber Security that was laucnhed in August 2015.

Scott Hunter Principal teacher of Computing Science at Kyle academy has worked with Police Scotland to create a 10 week course on Cyber Security.  At the end and on passing the assement learners achieve a Cyber Security Open(digital) Badge from Police Scotland.

Scott will give a breif history of the project and the impact this has had on his learnres and the wider school and local community.  He will take you through the course and give you the links to the materials and assessment so you can use this with your learners.

Bobby Elliot from the SQA will introduce the new National Progression Awards in Cyber Security developed in conjunction with schools, colleges, universities and Police Scotland. These new awards will be available at National 4 to Higher level. They are the first national qualifications, designed for schools, in this area in the EU and will be available from August 2015. They are designed to inspire an interest in this critical area to prepare learners for careers or further study in cyber security. The qualifications will form a progression from the Cyber Badge and lead to more advanced qualifications in Computer Science or Cyber Security.

Tickets are at:

There is also a write-up of the June sessions on the CAS Scotland webpage which will give a flavour of what to expect.

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