Learning Through Technology 2018

6 years ago
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Technology is permeating every aspect of our lives and changing how we work, live and play. Skills Development Scotland and the Scottish Government-backed Digital Technologies Skills Group said it was the economy’s fastest-growing sector and is forecast to grow twice as fast as the Scottish economy overall in the years to 2024. Our education system needs prepare our children for the demands of the future and this means integrating technology in the classroom and equipping our young people to shape it and use it responsibly.

Holyrood’s 7th Annual Learning Through Technology conference will take you on a digital journey. Through presentations and interactive sessions we will help you explore how ICT can not only be used to enhance learning, but how we can instil digital life skills in our young people such as cyber resilience, digital literacy and digital citizenship.

Why you should attend:

  • Gain insights into innovative practice putting technology at the heart of teaching and learning
  • Discover new developments in classroom resources and assessment tools that you can use in your school to enhance digital learning
  • Explore the potential of digital teaching and learning to raise attainment


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