Digital Technology Education Charter

3 years ago

The Scottish Technology Ecosystem Review by Mark Logan highlighted a number of challenges Scotland faces with regard to Computing Science at school and put education at the heart of the solution. The Digital Technology Education Charter recognises that if industry and education can work more closely together and join forces we can make a real impact.

This charter is for individuals, schools, colleges, universities, and organisations of all sizes from all sectors. If you want to do more to help inspire the next generation and encourage them to choose Computing Science then join our charter. Together we can do more, we can make a difference.

What makes our charter different is our team. We have industry leaders in Scotland but also a group of dedicated Computing Science teachers. We are also working in partnership with Computing Science Scotland, a national network to support teachers delivering Computing Science in Scotland. By joining the Digital Technology Education Charter we can help promote any specific Computing Science initiatives directly to Computing Science teachers of Scotland who are on the ground working hard to inspire and engage pupils. More than this if you have an idea or an initiative that you would like to get feedback on or help shape the dedicated team of Computing Science teachers can support with this. Throughout the year we will also be running events with the aim of bringing both organisations and Computing Science teachers together to network and come up with ideas of what more we can all do together to make a difference.

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