Cyber resilience is at the heart of digital learning and teaching

6 years ago

This week is National Digital Learning Week — an opportunity for Scotland to showcase and celebrate the added value that digital and online technologies bring to young people’s learning. It’s also a chance to restate the importance of cyber resilience in our learning system and curriculum.

What is cyber resilience?

Cyber resilience is an outcome — if we’re cyber resilient then we’re prepared for cyber attacks, able to withstand them, and can recover quickly when they have an impact.

For Scotland to be cyber resilient we need:

  • our people to be safe online — meaning we need to teach the basics of staying safe and secure online
  • our organisations to be have secure systems, on-the-ball senior management and clued-up employees — meaning cyber resilience needs to be embedded in workplace learning
  • professionals skilled in cyber security — meaning we need a pipeline of cyber security skills development, starting in schools

Cyber resilience isn’t about “clamping down” and reducing access to technologies. It’s about getting the most out of what’s available — and at the same time saying to the rest of the world (and to investors): “Scotland is a safe place in which to learn, innovate, do business and spend your money.”


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