Computing Science in Scottish Schools

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An amazing group of young people have developed this survey to find out what other young people think about the Computing Science they get taught in school. Please share with all 11-18 year olds you know in Scotland.

This survey has been designed by a group of young people from across Scotland, with support from academics from University of Edinburgh. We want to find out about young people’s experiences of studying Computing Science in Scottish schools and their ideas about how the subject could be improved.

By continuing beyond this page you are giving consent for us to use anonymised data from this survey.

At the end of the survey you will be asked if you want to enter the prize draw where 5 participants will be picked at random to receive a £20 amazon gift voucher. If you want to be included in the prize draw you will need to give us your email address, but these will be deleted before we look at the results of the survey and no-one will know who said what. This is completely voluntary.

We will announce the prize draw winners on Monday 5th July.

Link here

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