Code Avengers talk

10 years ago
Code Avengers logo

Just a little reminder that tomorrow is the first Computing At School Edinburgh Hub meeting.

Michael Walmsley is the creator of Code Avengers, a web based system for teaching HTML, CSS and Javascript.  He is going to talk about how and why he created the site.  This won’t be a sales pitch from a big company – Michael is a PhD student who has developed the site to help his younger brothers and the New Zealand equivalent of CAS.  Michael has come to the UK for the national CAS conference last week but this is his only Scottish event.

I am sure it will be an interesting event that will make us all think about how we learn programming languages.

Please come along and encourage your colleagues to sign up and come along too.  If you can, please can you bring along a laptop and we’ll do a little practical session.

Look forward to seeing some of you at the event tomorrow!

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