Pre-order exam papers for session 2022-2023

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Order now for session 2022-23

Order by 30th September to get special pricing on our National 5 and Higher Computing Science papers.

Get your learners on track for SQA Exams in 2023

All our papers meet the National Course modification sum-mary: Computing Science. Our papers have been written following the updated guidance on identifying A and C marks at all levels. All our papers clearly identify where A marks are present within the paper.

Written by teachers, for teachers

Our writers have been setting, marking and vetting papers for SQA for the last twenty years and more. As teachers, we know what’s needed in the classroom which is why we produce not only our exam papers but also PowerPoint presentations to accompany them. We produce two N5 and Higher papers based on requests from schools, so you can assess your learners as you need, through the year.

Papers modelled on Diet 2022

Each paper matches the format of the 2022 exam papers and marking guidelines. We’ve carefully modelled the distribution of marks, A and C questions and course content to ensure your 2023 paper will be closely modelled to the SQA exams for Diet 2023. Papers you can edit!You can order a PDF document or a Microsoft Word document that you can edit and change. Every school /college is different so having the flexibility to make changes, to meet the needs of your learners, is great.

Digital Papers, we’ve got that covered!

You can order our adapted papers. These give you papers in PDF format to be completed electronically. These papers also include the MS Word versions of our papers with PowerPoint presentations.

What will you get?

When you download your order, you’ll receive:

  • A complete SQA style question paper of new questions
  • Marking Guidelines and a question matrix showing howthe paper is balanced to the mark distribution in the CASwith A and C questions identified.
  • A PowerPoint Slide Deck containing the questions andanswers to provide feedback to your pupils.

Download your papers

As always, our online store is available so that you can get your papers with the minimum of fuss. Just place your order and use your download code to securely access your files.


We are accepting orders now and papers will ship from 1st October 2022.

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