Site update

CompEdNet has now been activated on our main domain.  You may have noticed that when you went to you were redirected to  This allowed us to keep the old site, documents, accounts etc. while we checked that the new site would scale with users.  Don’t worry, nothing has changed and you don’t need […]

Local Authority Groups?

CompEdNet is a sharing site but sometimes you just want to talk to your colleagues in your area about things that affect you locally.  You can set up your own private local authority group and invite who you wish to it.  CompEdNet is designed for us to effectively share and support each other and sometimes […]

Welcome to the NEW CompEdNet

Hello and Welcome, CompEdNet is the Scottish Forum for Computing Science Teachers.  This new version of the community is designed to allow us to more easily share, co-operate and work with each other.  Your account has been ported from the previous installation as have all your forum posts. YOU WILL HAVE TO REQUEST A NEW […]