• Stephen Stewart


    I have been creating plans for S1/S2/S3 with CfE in mind and have started
    Web Design in S2 and build on it from there.

    I found a great online free
    platform called Weebly. It has been around for quite some time but the best
    thing is that if you sign up you can control and monitor the pupils websites.
    They can publish their sites to the web and we can have control over moderating
    their sites and even have the option to delete them.

    It is really simple to
    use with drag and drop and it has no ads.

    You can sign up to it from this


    I am currently using
    it with S3 and they are loving it. I have created my own website using it and
    you will see other pupils have made fantastic simple sites as well.
    My website
    http://www.khscomputing.co.ukI have also put my course plans for S1/S2/S3 with the
    new curriculum on there if anyone wants to have a look at that.

    Just thought
    I would share it in case anyone is stuck for an idea to fill a week or so with
    a class with the new curriculum.

    Hope all is well


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