VB Express 2010 in Schools

  • Tait8


    We’re currently looking at using Visual Basic Express 2010 in our school.

    Just wondering if anyone had any success in installing the software on all machines in the classroom and whether you had to register every machine individually or if you managed to get a site license/registration key?

    I’ve used a version myself and registered with my own email address. However, I would assume you can only use that address once. This would then mean that for the 63 machines we want to install the software on, they would need a separate email address for registering.


    Erik Stevenson

    Hi, as far as I can remember, I used VB Express edition 2010 in my last school and similarly had 63 machines and I’m fairly certain the technicians only used 1 email address.

    It wasn’t the most stable software in the world, but for it’s purpose it was fine.

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