‘Thin’ clients and managed networks in teaching computing science

  • Susan Thomson

    My local authority is making a huge investment in the ICT infrastructure. This is going to, probably, result in the networks being managed by external contractors, rather than our own school technicians.

    Has anyone had experience of this kind of network management? What is the impact on teaching and learning? Are there restrictions on what applications can be used? It has been suggested that we won’t be allowed to use freeware which will be disastrous for teaching computing, as that is mostly what we use.

    Also, is anyone using ‘thin clients’ in their classroom? It was suggested to me today that they would be better than stand-alone computers for teaching my subject. If you are using or have used thin clients, I would really appreciate some feedback on this as well. I am not convinced.

    I would really welcome any comments or help as I am a member of the steering group and I need as much information on this as I can get.

    Many thanks in advance

    Susan Thomson

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