The Argument for Computing

  • Andy McSwan

    I’ve recently started in a new school and at the moment I’m the only Computing teacher. I’m getting support from a DHT and a maths teacher to help deliver the computing courses.
    I’m also working with the Business Studies department (different faculty) to deliver an ICT course that is vastly outdated and in 1st year is mainly admin work (letterheads, business cards, spreadsheets…etc). 2nd year is a bit more Computing related using scratch and databases however we don’t go too in depth.
    What I’d like to do is make the case to the HT for a second computing teacher and to change the current setup for one where Computing is taught in S1, 2 and then leading on to a “choice” in S3 which is the model they’re looking at.
    Has anyone had any discussions with their schools like this and would be able to share their ideas I’d just like to get a starting point to work from. Any help or advice would be greatly received.


    For a start, the CFE Outcomes and Experiences should make it clear that the S1 course is not covering what it should.

    Darren Brown

    Still very concerned for Highland region – we’ve been inspected by HMIe, had Mike Russell visiting and various council “managers” in. They all agree Computing is important and make the right noises yet we have lost Computing in around 7 schools in the last 5 years and it is only going to continue this way. I have over 50% of our S3s trying to do Computing Science from the start and even finding the basic ICT skills wanting.


    Have a look at a very readable book called “Little Miss Geek Bridging the Gap between Girls and Technology” Belinda Parmar.
    States the case for encouraging girls into technology but is inspiring for everyone.

    John Schofield

    See today’s BBC article that National Audit office “warns UK needs more skilled cyber-crime fighters”

    “They raised concerns about a lack of promotion of science and technology subjects at school, leading to a low uptake of computer science and technology courses by university students.”

    Also news that Microsoft is to take on 2,000 apprentices in scotland over the next 3 years who if they perform well are guaranteed at job!

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