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  • Robert Young

    Looking for some advice about what screen capture software is the best out there. We have some money left over and I fancy making some short help videos for my class. These will basically show me using a piece of software on the screen with my voice over the top of it. Anyone out there using this type of software and have any thoughts on what to purchase /download?

    Chris Wilson

    Camtasia Studio by far the best I’ve used and worth every penny. Been using it for a few years.

    Last version I bought was bundled with SnagIt (screen grabs etc. which I don’t bother with).

    Cost at the time (2012) for the bundle from Academia was £124.

    I think you can still download trials from Techsmith.

    Further info at

    Hope this helps.


    Jeremy Scott

    Agreed – Camtasia is excellent.

    Lee Murray

    Open Broadcast Software is what I use:

    It’s totally free and allows you to sep up different ‘scenes’ and overlays. It can record multiple sound and video sources simultaneously and outputs your choice of MP4 or FLV file.

    I’ve used loads of screen capture softwares in the past and this (after the initial setup) is by far the best I’ve ever used in terms of the total experience.

    Sean Stratton

    I use camstudio, which is free

    Quick, dirty and gets the job done. You can also use VLC which may save you a software install

    If I was starting from scratch I think I would go free, till I reach the limits of the software, then change. By that time you will know what you want extra.


    Robert Young

    Thanks very much for all the replies. I think I’ll grab one of the free pieces of software at the moment and then work out if I need anything else.

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