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  • Mrs Janet McDonald

    We currently run an extra-curricular coding club for pupils in S1 and S2 which is proving popular. A number of my S5 Higher pupils have asked if they could set up something similar for S4, 5 and 6 pupils – which obviously we are happy to accommodate! The only problem is what to get them to do! They are keen on the idea of trying out different programming languages and environments, but a lot of the materials that I have for that are suitable for S1/2 but would not be challenging for older pupils who already have programming experience. Then again, a lot of the stuff I can find for Higher level is just that – it covers the Higher course – since its an extra curricular club I’m looking for some slightly lighter, more “fun” stuff.

    If anyone would be willing to share any materials or could point me in the direction of any resources that would be suitable, it would be much appreciated.

    Many thanks

    Sean Stratton

    Have you tried



    What are you doing/using for your S1 and S2 club
    Have you looked at Apps for Good and Computing club for girls (Boys can now do this)


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