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  • mcgivernj

    I downloaded excel for IOS and authenticated via Glow Office 365 account.
    The system took my setting but will not allow me to create a new document.
    Does anyone know if this functionality SHOULD be available with the Glow Office 365 account and perhaps I am just experiencing a glitch?
    If so, how would I overcome my glitch (he said to anyone else who may have experienced such an issue)?

    Certainly the office 365 apps would be much more appealing to me if they could be used via the IOS versions of Excel, PowerPoint etc.

    Appreciate any feedback.


    Chris Wilson

    Hi John, bit of a guess here…

    I think it’s due to the differences between Office 365 versions.

    At last count there was Office 365 Home, Office 365 Personal, Office 365 Student, Office 365 Business and Office 365 Professional. Hmmm, might have missed one!!!

    Anyhoo, I’ve discovered in the past the these versions do not share identical access priveleges to Microsoft’s cloud services – this took me ages to work out!! Some of them get no access and some of them get read only access. Unbelievable but true!

    E.g. I’ve got a Office 365 Home license covering all my stuff at home but when I add my Glow account to some apps I get problems. I’ve also discovered that the Mac OS version of OneDrive (via the Mac App Store) doesn’t work for Glow but that the top-secret OneDrive for Business app does, yet this version is currently only available from the Microsoft web site. Furthermore, some versions can get limited access using the ‘Microsoft Document Connection’ app.

    In light of my experience I decided not to bother with the iOS version so you’re braver than I am!!

    Not sure if that helped at all – or if it was even correct!!!

    Let me know if you make any breakthroughs!!



    Thanks for that.
    I was hoping for a reply of “you silly sausage, here’s the button you press and OF COURSE it works”.
    Hoping for that reply, but sadly not expecting it.
    I saw the myriad versions of Office kicking around and thought that this time I would resist the urge to spend multiple hours messing around with systems and settings to get something to work.

    So I’ll give up on this for now. – no harm, no foul. But wouldn’t it be nice to have this functionality and then tell people “this is one of the reasons why Glow rocks”?

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