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  • Chris Aitken

    Any compednet members attending the glow options analysis workshop in Stirling tomorrow( looking at glow 2.0 technologies)? Would be great to meet up for a chat if you are


    Hadn’t heard anything of this workshop.  To those who were there, anything of interest in what was proposed/discussed?

    Reasons for genuine enthusiasm?


    As far as I am aware the day (today!) is looking at two core products: Google Apps for Education and Microsoft Live@Edu/Office 365 for Education.  I think the idea is to get a feel for what teachers think of the products and what they can do with them.  I don’t think any decision has been made about what the next generation of Glow is – that was what the EduScotICT meeting/wiki were working on. This is just one of a number of exercises looking at possible new tools for Scottish Education.


    The update on the Engage for Education blog seemed to indicate that work is still on going and that there would be an update in the near future.



    Chris Aitken

    Yeah Charlie was right..we were comparing the two different products and features to feed back into the evaluation process. Google apps seemed to be more flexible and relevant, whereas SharePoint was much the same as glow 1.0 albeit office 365 and exchange online were quite nice.

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