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  • martin.currie

    Google walks away from Glow 2.



    Anyone got any idea what’s happening with Glow 2?

    Are Microsoft still involved?

    Is there any point in me thinking about using glow blogs for my classes next year?





    It’s a good question, i’d really like to know too. I like the blog feature in Glow at the moment and my 2nd Years took to it quite well.


    If you had to use another program, what would you recommend? Edublogs? WordPress?



    Lorraine Muir

    We were considering wikis for e-portfolios as all the first years are using them in ICT. I thought a decision was being made for the end of May, did I get the wrong?

    Peter W Donaldson

    I think the blog part of Glow is based on a customised version of wordpress and will continue to exist as it is. The major glue that ties everything together is the heavily customised version of sharepoint that provides glow groups and manages all of the permissions for the other parts of Glow and that’s the bit I think they’re looking to replace.


    To be honest they would have been much better purely focusing on creating a single online account and sign on mechanism that was synchronised to pupils local login.



    Heard that latest offer from Microsoft is very similar to GLOW1. Some talk of individual LAs dealing with Google direct to set up EDU accounts.


    I’m sure Microsoft will have offered their Office 365 for Education product. The main part of his is Sharepoint which the horrible core part of Glow currently.

    I like Google Apps because the online collaboration tools are brilliant! You will be getting GApps here when I have five mins 🙂


    P.S. I’m sure Blogs will move across to the new Glow but I’m not so sure about phpBB Forums or the Wikis.

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