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  • Mrs Janet McDonald

    Our Computing Science department is expanding and we’re looking for an additional, permanent, full-time Computing teacher from August 2017. We currently have 2 full time staff in the department and this additional post will bring us up to 3. The expansion will allow us to cover within the department classes that are currently being taught by one of Assistant Rectors and will also accommodate additional teaching time that we are being given in S2 where our pupil contact is being doubled to help us build digital literacy skills for our pupils.

    Computing Science is timetabled for all pupils in S1 and S2. We offer National 5 which is taught over two years in S3 and S4. We also offer Higher, Advanced Higher and, in S6, some ICT modules.

    The post would suit a newly qualified teacher or someone with some experience; what we really want is enthusiasm and the ability to share that with our pupils!

    The job is currently on the TES website, closing date 8th March.

    Mrs Janet McDonald


    We’re still looking to fill this post, so the job has been re-advertised. We’re a friendly department (if we do say so ourselves!) and well resourced.

    The job is in the TES today and also on the School’s website ( – click the link to contact us and then to vacancies).

    New closing date is 23rd March.


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