Computer science part of English Baccalaureate

  • tim

    I have made my head teacher aware of this. Useful ammunition for computing departments that are being squeezed by SMT/councils.

    In England computer science will now be given the same weighting as physics, chemistry and biology.

    The decision by Education Secretary Michael Gove will mean that computing will count as a science in the English Baccalaureate for secondary school league tables from January 2014 – alongside physics, chemistry, biology and pupils taking double science. The Department for Education says the change is intended to reflect the “importance of computer science to both education and the economy”.

    Peter W Donaldson

    Hi Tim,

    it’s great news particularly as it’s the first subject to be included that wasn’t on the original list.

    Our main goals in Scotland have to be to ensure that adequate time is given to ICT and CS in the junior phase of schools, that everyone is clear that the use of technology to support learning is important but != Computing and the Scottish Universities highlight Computing Science as a desirable, or strongly desirable, subject for IT and CS courses but also other relevant science and engineering degrees.

    We’re gradually making progress but the more people can do to promote and explain the benefits of what we do the better off we’ll all be.

    Walter Patterson

    For a full discussion of the change from ICT to Computing (not Computing Science) in the English National Curriculum, see Peter Twining’s bliki

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