Coming Soon PT/Faculty Head Job at Crieff High School

  • Peter W Donaldson

    Just an early heads up that a faculty head of Business and Computing or a principal teacher of Computing position at Crieff High School in Perth and Kinross will be posted in the TES and MyJobScotland sites soon.

    It’s a new build school of just under 600 pupils with great facilities and a lovely bunch of staff. Uptake is strong in the BGE phase and set to increase again in the Senior Phase. The faculty is also well resourced with a range of hardware, software and materials that includes a classroom with dual PC and Raspberry Pi 3’s.

    After an upgrade to our schools internet connection we’ve been able to make extensive use of Microsoft Classroom with senior phase Computing Science classes as well as a range of other online tools such as One Note Class Notebooks.

    If anyone wants more information about the school or the faculty they can DM through Compednet.


    Current Faculty Head Computing, Business and Enterprise

    Crieff High School


    Peter W Donaldson

    The job will be a faculty heads position and is due to go live on myjobscotland on the 18th of November and will be live for two weeks.

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