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  • Ken Milligan

    I’m looking for advice on the creation of suitable assessment resources for the Digital Forensics and unit at levels 5 and 6. Hoping to run both during the period after the Easter break and wondering how others have gone about this?

    Viv MacDonald

    Feel your pain – at the moment I am doing remote delivery to students in three different schools and the advice in the material that one usb could be “passed between students” isn’t going to work! Also I haven’t yet come up with a scenario….may need to engage the criminal part of my mind a bit more, though there is a suggestion in the ASP H9JO 45.

    Ken Milligan

    Thanks for the reply, Val. I’ve looked through the scenario in the ASP and am still not certain whether a single USB is sufficient to provide for pupils to examine. Maybe at level 5? I’m in the process of working a drive up, which I’ll share here if I ever manage to get to a place where I’m happy with it.
    I’m also hoping to get some of my crew through Level 6 assessment, which might just be a bit too ambitious for our first run at the course!?!

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