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  • Carl Roderick

    1. The arrangements and assessments packs are an obvious start.  They give the outcomes and break them down a bit further.  Knowing what the assessments are, are a big help in planning for lessons.  Get onto SOLAR asap and have a go at the assessments.

    2. You will probably not be allowed to use the school’s computers and networks.  So you would need to get donated laptops and routers and set them up for the first unit.  Pupils can practise setting them up and play around with them.  A lesson or two on DOS prompts are very useful indeed.

    3. With Unit 2, Digital Forensics, not much direction here.  However, look at SAOLAR first to get an idea of what to teach.  Learn how to setup a faked crime scenario leaving evidence.  It takes a while to setup but some ideas are given in the arrangements.  I asked IT to set up a limited pupil account and a pupil edubuzz email address so I could leave browsers history, pictures, files, … on the computer and emails.  Planning is very important as the timeline of events is essential and mistakes can easily be made.

    4.  For unit 3, Ethical Hacking, Level 4 might be okay to set up as the practical assessment can easily be done.  As for level 5, I am still investigating how mush effort is needed.  Will update this in a couple of weeks.  The theory should be easy to teach. Two recommended books were:


    There are a few free Udemy course and youtube videos for learning about cyber security and software like Kali Linux, Metasploit and Backtrack, …

    Fab course to offer and run. Lots of jobs and careers at the moment and for the next few years.

    Will be making a more structured lesson plan/ structure for next year.  However, contributions from others would be very welcome!

    Mark J Tennant

    Hi Carl,

    Thanks for posting this!  Great start.  I only set up the group a few days ago at the request of a colleague I was speaking to, so glad it’s getting used already.

    I wanted to deliver the Cyber Security NPA but struggling for staff & time at the moment.  Hope all is well down in East Lothian.

    Best Wishes,


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