• collinp0

    We are just starting to deliver this at SCQF levels 4 & 5. We have been looking at STENCYL. Is anyone else using this? We are having problems running it under the restrictions on our computers (at least, we think that is what it is!) and would be pleased for any ideas. We have developed most of the course, except for the implementation!


    Hi Collin.
    We are using Stencyl. Have you checked if it’s the proxy?

    We are using Stencyl to complete the level 5 Assets outcomes with an example game. We are then giving pupils a choice of software for final project. Check the stencyl forum for information on getting it working. The access to Stencylforge is a must.

    We are insisting on our pupils using the Internet and Stencylforge for sourced assets but luckily SF gives license details. nice.

    Out of interest, what other software are you using? We are looking at Sauerbraten and NetRadiant/Warsow for 3D and Adventure Game Studio for adventure games.

    jim sutherland

    I tried using Stencyl with my level 4 CGD group last week. we also experienced difficulties with the Stencylforge!

    Running on MAC OS 10.4.11 so maybe that is the problem?

    Great course for these seven guys shame this bit is stalling.

    Jim Sutherland
    Gairloch High School, Wester Ross


    Does your school have a proxy?

    Worth posting on the stencyl forum about it too.

    What other software have you used?

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