Software for a level 5/6 class

  • Fiona Jorgenson

    Hi folks,
    Having just moved to teaching in a Glasgow school, with different availability of software, I’m interested to find out what software others are using for Games Development – particularly for level 6?

    Michal Rutkowski

    I’m using Python with pygame.



    I use pico8, which I really enjoy. It’s an all in one environment that runs portable so it can save a few headaches!

    It’s very 8-bit, but I find this keeps the focus on code.

    Students can graduate onto full Lua or Love2D if they outgrow it.

    Here is an open source version that runs straight in the browser so should work great across Chrome books 🙂

    Some of my level 6’s use Unity, we also use Blender – lower students can wire up 3D games in seconds and advanced students can code it with Python.

    If you intend on introducing students to Unity I like to use as it has a similar workflow, without worrying about set up and running lots of separate apps. ( Should also work on Chromebooks )

    Cheers 🙂

    Alasdair Sharp

    Is there any chance you have tutorials for PlayCanvas I can steal?

    The one’s on the site are pretty good but they seem to skip right past the basics and they don’t have much for 2D games.

    Martin McPhie

    I am considering using Python with Pygame for our level 6 but I’m in a Glasgow school and we have been using VB for development. It will be a steep learning curve for them as they have no experience of Python but will need to create to Higher level.
    Do you think this is the best option are there any alternatives I could consider for the development language?
    I have looked at GameMaker and it is now no longer free

    Also if anyone is using Pygame in a LA that doesn’t have Python installed on the computers – what are you using to develop with, I have found which looks excellent but is a bit inconsistent, I find it doesn’t work all of the time. Is anyone using any portable apps and if so what ones

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