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  • dbrowning

    I’m looking to possibly offer Level 4 or 5 CGD and just wondering what there are in the way of resources available. Can people point me towards any resources that are out there? I have already found the SQA Academy stuff but nothing other than that.

    Many thanks


    Shirley Lemmon

    Did you get any response to this post Dave? We are starting the NPA CGD 4-6 and like you we have found the SQA Academy site – some useful materials but not much else out there. I know the course is changing next year, not sure how much yet.

    Cath Buchanan

    HI Shirley I am the same as you – starting the course for the first time this year. I have been looking at the SQA Academy materials and picking the parts out of them that are still relevant for the new course. It seems crazy that there are probably lots of us bringing this course together for our schools and everyone producing different materials.

    I had thought the course had already changed in 2018 and wasn’t going to change again but I could be wrong.

    Greg Reid

    Hi Cath

    The course did indeed change in 2018 and there are no current plans to update the course again anytime soon. I do know that there is usually a transition period where the old course can be delivered for a couple of years, giving staff time to update resources. Someone talking about the course changing may simply have been delivering the old course for as long as they could.

    To all
    In my last year of teaching I had started writing a complete CGD course in Serif PagePlus. I doubt more that half of it would be valid now but if anyone fancies taking the files and doing some editing please email me at home and I’ll share the files.

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