Progression from Media Asset planning to Development

  • Chris Aitken

    I am currently planning to run games development next year and have a question for anybody who has run the course before:


    In the Media Assets unit at L5 you are asked to plan and produce media assets for a specified brief.  When moving on to the Development unit it states that students should “Construct a working game based on the design document and adhering to the game design brief”.


    Is this a continuation of what we’ve created in the Media Assets unit?


    From what I can tell, students are asked to produce media assets for a brief (which I assume is provided by the teacher?) and they are then asked to produce more assets for their own game design.




    Is the Media Assets creation a continuation of the design brief they created in the design unit.


    I hope this makes sense :-/


    Thanks for any help

    Kate Farrell

    Hi Chris,


    All three units had to be written to be taught independently of each other but the intention is that students will progress from Design to Media Assets to Development and that the work they plan in on unit will be created in the next unit.


    In Design pupils need to design and plan their game.  They create a list of assets they will need to create their game

    In Assets pupils create and source the assets they identified in the Design unit.

    In Development pupils use the assets to make the game they planned.  They then promote their game.


    The ASPs examples are worth looking at to realise that some of the tasks are not as complex as you might first think.


    Also worth looking at are the Still Images units and the Audio units.  We have taught the still images unit together with the Media Assets unit.  We then ask the pupils to create a radio advert to promote their game and cover the outcomes for the sound unit.


    I hope this helps



    (the person to blame for the Media Assets unit! 😉

    Chris Aitken

    That’s great Kate,  Thanks very much for getting back to me.  That makes perfect sense!  Will look up the examples just now.


    May I ask what programs you have been using with your pupils at levels 4 & 5?

    Kate Farrell

    We’ve been using Scratch at Level 5 (Int 2). We gave the pupils the opportunity to use Lego WeDo sensors that we borrowed from the Consolarium as BYO Wiimote- style controllers but very few used them in their finished game.

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