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  • Ray Krachan

    Is anyone thinking of running this course or part of the course for the New S3? I have looked into it, but find that most Gaming websites are blocked by the council, and this would seriously restrict what can be done with this course. Has anyone managed to get round this, or has IT unblocked these sites for any authorities?


    Ray Krachan

    jim sutherland

    Hi Ray,


    I am running this with a group of 9 senior pupils.  So far it has worked looking at media assets, etc. However I too have found that Gaming Design websites are either blocked, or incompatible with my old MAC OS 104.11!  If I hear of anything I will let you know.  Please do likewise!


    Jim Sutherland

    Gairloch High School




    I’ve had sites unblocked and teacher access  to youtube can be used for tutorials. We’re running this in S5/6 with a group of 20 and it’s going really well. Currently all at level 5 with some moving onto level 6 later.

    It’s going to be a major part of how computing is delivered (I think, anyway!) so I’d pressure them for access – even just to a few resources such as stencyl.


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