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    Hi there,

    I don’t know if I’ve missed any information about this or have failed to find this in any arrangements or documents.

    Is there still a plan to run NPA’s when the qualifications change to CfE/NAT4&5?

    I’ve just moved to a new school who are looking for new ideas and I suggested this NPA. However, with this years S2 cohort being the first to pick subjects based on the new curriculum, will NPA’s such as this continue to run?



    Quoting the SQA website:

    “These Units: […]
    complement a range of existing SQA provision including National Progression Awards in Digital Media, Computer Games Development and Web Design”

    So I guess the NPAs are here to stay. That is certainly the view that Bobby Elliot was pushing at the start of the Summer. If anything, they will gain momentum rather than lose it.


    They are here to stay. A different focus from N4 and N5 and Higher.


    Thanks guys, I sort of answered my own question afterwards when I joined the CS&I exemplar group and read the documentation that had been posted.

    Much appreciated though!

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