Level 6 NPA Games Development Discussion

  • Yussef Ghafoor

    Has anyone else been doing Level 6 NPA CGD? I’m curious how you found it? What would you do different? Any issues you have came across?

    My main one was not noticing that If doing all 3 units they should all link with each but that wasn’t until reading the 917. So the original briefs my pupils had done were huge as it had said an Advanced Games brief but nothing quantifying what Advanced was.

    It’s been a lot of work but looks like this will be offered again to our S6 only which seems to work pretty well


    Yussef give me a call at Madras College 01334659402. It will take too long to write up a post detailing the differences between each level. It aIso depends on what software your pupils use. I helped write the course and have taught level 6 (this is my second year) and should be able to advise you as to what is an advanced game and any issues that have arisen. I would agree that level 6 is most suitable for S6 but I have had one S5 pupil pass but all the rest have been S6.

    Yussef Ghafoor

    Thanks Julie, I’ll try get hold of you when we are both free.

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