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  • Martin Gallacher

    I’m having a look at the Level 44 ASP for Design Outcome 1 and I’m worried that some of the questions might confuse pupils at that level:

    Question 2 says:
    “Which genre of game requires the player to interact with their environment and often requires tactics or strategy? Examples of games from this genre include: Uncharted, Tomb Raider and Detroit: Become Human.”
    Question 5 says:
    “What type of game requires the player to interact with their environment and often require tactics or strategy where the emphasis is on conquering or achieving a given task?”
    – Which is basically the same question, both have the same answer which is “C” adventure.

    Question 8 says:
    “Call of Duty, Star Wars Battlefront and Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege are all examples of which game genre?”
    – First person shooter is the correct answer, but Battlefront can be played in first or third person, and forces you to play in third person when you’re a hero character.

    Question 11 says:
    Which design element has the principles of usage-centred design of structure, simplicity, visibility, feedback, tolerance and re-use? This design element should make simple, common tasks easy, communicating clearly and simply in the user’s own language, and providing good shortcuts that are meaningfully related to longer procedures.
    – I’m not sure my level 44 pupils will be able to understand half the words in this question!

    Has anyone used this assessment? Were any of the pupils confused by these questions, or were they ok?

    Alex McNeice

    I queried these and other questions with the SQA and they were looked at again by the assessment author. A few were changed as they were clearly mistakes but others, including the ones you’ve pointed out, were left as is. I figured since they haven’t provided a second set of assessments for re-assessment purposes then we would be expected to make those up. Because of that, I decided to edit the questions myself and make them clearer. I modified Q5 to ask for a game that was an RPG. Question 8 didn’t have “3rd person” in the choice lists so I thought they’d more likely go for FPS (and they did). The last lesson before the test was about User Interface where I went through a powerpoint about re-use and visibility and stuff like that so they found that question okay.

    Ultimately, 3 of mine sat level 4 and all 3 passed the multiple-choice tests.

    Sean Stratton

    Did you get the resit set approved?

    Alex McNeice

    I didn’t need a resit. My point was that since there was only one set of assessments we wouldn’t have a valid one to use for re-assessment purposes (if requried) and therefore we’d have to make them up ourselves anyway.

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