Games Development applications for MAC OS 10.4.11..?

  • jim sutherland

    I am running a small class on the NPA Computer Games Design.


    The pupils up until now have worked through units 1 & 2 which require review and ‘paper-based’ design.


    I now have to identify a suitable application for them to actually start designing some games!


    Can anyone suggest a downloadable application for MAC OS 10.4.11..?  Please note that due to ‘legacy issues’ I am unable to upgrade to OS 10.5!


    Jim Sutherland


    Gairloch High School

    Ray Krachan

    Hi John.

    I have just downloaded the arrangements, and there are lots of examples of applications that can be used. The link is below.

    I am considering running this course for S3 (Level 4) or at least part of it, in order to hit the Computing Outcomes. Is that what you are doing, or are you doing the course as a stand alone course?




    Ray Krachan

    Colin Maxwell

    Older versions of Blender will work with older versions of the Mac OS.

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