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  • Alex McNeice

    Has anyone had experience of using either Construct 2 or GameSalad?

    I’ve been playing about with Construct 2 and I’m impressed. I was going to test the free edition out with our games class next session but I’m not sure what kinda price they give to schools for the full version?

    As for GameSalad, aside from struggling to get the thing installed within the network, I haven’t played about with it that much.

    Any thoughts?

    Colin Maxwell

    Have tried both & prefer Construct 2. I don’t know how much the education licenses are, but at least you CAN use the free version in school, unlike other tools that must be licensed. There seems to be a reasonable amount of tutorials & community support for Construct too.


    I decided to go for Gamemaker this year but gave my pupils the option to use Construct2 as I had played about with it and was impressed. The games also look really good. I had a level 5/6 class this year and four pupils used it at level 6 and one pupil used it at level 5. The rest of the class used Gamemaker.

    The games created look really good and the pupils got to grips with it quite quickly. They taught themselves how to use it using the tutorials available. There are quite a few tutorials available on youtube so whenever they got stuck and were looking to do something e.g. create a health bar, I was able to put it on the big screen.

    There are limitations to the number of events etc… that one of my pupils ran into but as long as the game isn’t overly complicated it shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

    You can see a comparison of the different licences here:

    I’m planning to use the free version of Construct 2 as the main software for CGD next year.

    Alex McNeice

    Sounds good. I had noticed the limitation on events plus and the lack of object families in the free edition but I’ll definitely give it a run for its money next session.

    Thanks for the feedback chaps

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