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  • stuart.baird

    Hi all,

    I read the post regarding Construct 2 (a couple of years old) and have started using it with a class. Initial thoughts are positive and we completed the first tutorial. Does anyone have recent experience using it with a class, including level 6, and would strongly recommend it? I’m considering putting a bid in for the software after a little more fact finding.

    Liz Dighton

    Stuart, have used the free version with level 5 classes for past 2 years and pupils have enjoyed it. Produced some nice looking games too. Bought 1 full license but not really needed to use it for level 5 games.


    Thanks Liz, we’ll run with the free version and perhaps look to get one or two licences for now. I’ll be looking to run level 6 next year and will consider the requirements against what the free version offers, having had a bit of experience with it by then.

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