Your Help Needed with Design of CS Overview Poster

  • Peter W Donaldson

    Dear all,

    would you like to contribute to the design of a free poster for your classroom wall or corridor display that helps to explain how the concepts in the SQA qualifications link together? If so, read on…!

    The Centre for CS Education at Glasgow University is exploring ways of using large graphics, like a poster, to capture the complex and usually invisible, links between ideas and aspects of Computing Science. The aim is to help pupils develop a holistic understanding of the subject, so that new ideas fit quickly and easily into a developing framework.

    In order to do this effectively we need your input. We’ve some initial ideas, but need your thoughts on this too, to ensure we end up creating something that is useful to you and helps generate interest for your students.

    Please take just a few minutes to complete an initial questionnaire – there’s also an opportunity to sign up to review an early draft version of the poster, over the next two to three weeks. The questionnaire is here:

    Very many thanks in advance for your help,

    and with best regards,

    Lovisa Sundin

    Peter Donaldson

    Quintin Cutts

    Centre for Compuitng Science Education (CCSE)

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