Which Database Software?

  • brendanm

    With latest team feature from repl you can generate an invite code for pupils to sign up. An anonymous username is generated or user can edit to create an alternative anonymous name (like scratch). Resulting profile contains only this username, no email and no profile fields to edit.

    screenshot of user account


    Thanks @brendanm I’ll have a look at generating an invite code as it sounds like it would save a load of work on a DPIA.

    Judith Cochrane

    We use MS Access at the moment

    Peter Thoresen

    We decided not to use Access to remove any temptation of using the query designer to generate SQL code.
    We have been using sqlitestudio – free to use and can run from a central copy instead of installing on each machine. With multiple windows pupils can have see table data alongside their sql window, making it easier to check their results, and fix spelling errors in their commands.
    In addition, the DDL code for evidence of table structures is very simple, compared to the multiple pages from Access.
    For pupils changing to N4, they use either sqlitestudio, or the simpler SQLite Database Browser.
    For AH Higher we change to XAMPP.

    Kirsteen Nakau

    I have created Repl.it classroom and the students sign in via their school google accounts.

    Richard Scott
    Sean Robertson

    To those using SQLite.

    I’m new to SQLite and considering using it this year my Higher class but have 1 question. Come coursework time, how do you make use of the .csv files to create a relational database in SQLite? Do you need to create the relevant tables with relationships first, import the .csv files and use the INSERT INTO command to add the data to tables you have created? or is there an easier way?


    Paul Gardner

    (Apologies for the duplicate the link didn’t paste properly)

    There are several ways to import the data from the SQA supplied .CSV files but the way I prefer is to write a script that sets up the tables and uses the .import command to import the data. You can do this on a local SQLite database or you can upload the .CSV files to repl.it and run the script from there. Have a look at


    for an example.

    Darren Brown

    All this info is great, thanks. I’m keen to move away from Access and don’t have much clue on going full SQL.

    Can I ask how much Databases you do in BGE? What do you use to introduce it?

    Sean Robertson

    Thanks for that Paul, that is a massive help.

    Mrs Janet McDonald

    Thanks to everyone who has taken time to reply. For people using SQL at N5 level, how are you getting pupils to implement validation? Still in SQL or some other way?

    Alex McNeice

    We’re using MS Access at N5. Our Local Authority are super paranoid about staff using databases in schools and it took a lot of work to even get them to okay Access!

    Iain Purdie

    @Alan McNeice

    *facepalm* Good luck if you ever try to run the Cyber Security NPA then. They’ll have fits!

    Chris Wilson

    Re validation, we get pupils to create an HTML form with validation that matches the table requirements.

    We did this before this content appeared in the new Higher. SQA OK’d it and it also helps tick a teaching box a year earlier than needed.

    N5 kids find it very easy.


    Al Friend

    I crafted a reply earlier and submitted it, or so I thought. This is a cut down version.

    Repl.it – learning
    Access – coursework

    DB Browser for SQLite for creating files for Repl.it using CSV – will look at SQLiteStudio

    Example (SCHOLAR): https://repl.it/@esafriend1r/SCHOLAR-user-post

    Mockaroo for generating data.

    Repl.it Education Team is good for sharing work and then able to view live what has been done.

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