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  • pdoleman

    A query about the Language Tutors Course Assignment. On page 8, Stage 2b (ii) it states that candidates require evidence that:
    loops for 5 customers and calculation of the final discounted cost. However, in the instructions for candidates on page 16 the final discounted cost is not asked for, and the program needs to loop for 7 customers.
    I intend to mark what the has been asked of the pupils, but would welcome comment from any SQA officials on this. Thanks Patricia

    Jane Greenlee

    Hi Patricia,

    I agree that there is are a number of problems with this assignment:

    On page 7 (design) it states that the program should loop for SEVEN STUDENTS, page 8 says FIVE CUSTOMERS.
    On page 7 (design) it states that the program should calculate the total number of hours for each student, page 8 says calculate the discounted cost.

    I think the problem is on page 8. It looks like some sort of cut and paste error to me. Like you I plan to mark what what is asked of the pupils but I also would welcome a comment from the SQA.


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