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  • Alan McGregor

    Don’t suppose anybody has a handy PDF of today’s paper (Higher also)? I am apparently not allowed to get one till Thursday. New college policy apparently.

    Fingers crossed it’s a good one given all the nonsense from last year…

    Scott McBride

    New rules, no paper until next day.

    Alan McGregor

    Ah, I thought that was maybe just my place being awkward.

    David MacDonald

    Apparently it is to stop teachers going online and picking out all the mistakes in the paper…they need 24 hours to find the answers to any problems that might be raised 😉


    Willie Richardson

    Paper was pretty easy, saw it yesterday because I was scribing, some potential ambiguity more testing to be honest,  but no hugely challenging problems.

    I’m sure most pupils were relieved by the straight forward nature of the paper.

    If ever there was an exercise in futility it would be adding another half hour onto this exam. I was scribing and found it a a bit of a struggle after an hour :)))

    Alasdair Sharp

    I agree, the paper was really easy, possibly to make up for last year. 😉

    The only question I have any real issues with is 16(d)(ii), the image size calculation. The dimensions are given in the previous question as part of an HTML tag’s style property, which seems wrong to me. If those were the dimensions of the original image then they wouldn’t need to be changed in the tag. If anything that tells us that those are definitely not the sizes for the original image. Although this could just be me being pedantic.


    Nicky Pasternak

    Initial thoughts on the N5 paper is that it is a big improvement on last year’s. Our pupils were happy with the content so here’s hoping that the results back this up.

    The paper however still feels “bitty” at times and some questions look as if they have been introduced to make up the marks.

    A few concerns in our school over several questions:

    Question 5 about the “graphic”. Not sure what is being looked for here. As the question stands surely any graphics file format could have been used?

    Question 12 asks for all possible outputs? Is it not asking for the actual outputs?

    Question 14b(ii) Complying with the Data Protection Act when collecting information.

    Is the answer looking for the point below?

    Personal data shall be obtained only for one or more specified and lawful purposes, and shall not be further processed in any manner incompatible with that purpose or those purposes.

    They do not necessarily need the prior consent of the data subject so hopefully that is not the expected answer.

    Question 15c(ii) Will 7 or 8 bit ASCII both be acceptable for answers? We would hope so as the question is not specific about standard or extended ASCII.

    Question 20b. Describe one factor that has affected the quality of this sound? We can only guess which factor it would be. It would make more sense to say “which may have affected the quality of this sound”

    However, a big improvement on last year’s paper so good luck to all our N5 candidates and let’s hope that many take up the opportunity to come back for Higher next session.

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