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    As some here will know, I left teaching last summer to work at Edinburgh University as part of the ARCHER UK National Supercomputer team at EPCC. As part of my new role I am involved in the Outreach team, providing resources and information for schools, Science Festivals and others interested in learning about Supercomputers and what we do with them.
    I have written a short webpage aimed specifically at the National 5 Computing Science course requirements to cover supercomputers including hardware specifications (processor, memory, backing storage) and environmental impact (power consumption).
    I hope that this may be useful to former colleagues teaching this topic – I know I found it very hard to find suitable resources when I was looking for them with my classes. We are particularly keen that pupils should be aware that one of the most powerful supercomputers in the world is actually based here in Scotland.

    The page is at

    I would welcome any comments and feedback on additions or other resources you think we may be able to add.


    Jeremy Scott

    This is excellent, Clair – the ARCHER page is very helpful, as is the video.


    John Schofield

    Dear Clair
    thanks for that.
    Would anyone from the Outreach time like to come down to Dumfries on 26/11/14? We are holding a STEM day, particularly to try and encourage girls to take up a career in technology. Please see details below.
    John Schofield

    St Joseph’s is running a stem day on 26th November this year including a “speed-dating” careers event. This will involve S4 pupils circulating in groups round a variety of stem ambassadors (professionals from a range of organisations), asking them questions about their jobs. The aim of the event is to of course enthuse our pupils about science, technology, engineering and maths related careers, but also to ensure they make informed option choices at the end of S4. We are particularly keen to promote stem opportunities among girls, who are under-represented in these types of careers.

    Ambassadors don’t need to be graduates, but any professionals who work in Scotland would begood. We need 25 ambassadors for the day if possible!

    Marc McWhirter

    This is fantastic, thank you Clair.


    Dear John Schofield
    Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. There was lots of enthusiasm to come to your “speed-dating” event in principle but in practice no one is actually free on that date – sorry!

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