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  • Robert Young

    With our new timetable due to kick in next week I was wondering how everyone was doing with regards to student numbers? The time allocation we get in S1-3 has been greatly reduced but somehow we have managed to keep our numbers roughly the same.

    Lee Murray

    I’m in a similar situation. I’ve lost my 2nd year slot and my 3rd year numbers have halved, but I have quadrupled my senior numbers.

    Very strange.

    John Morrison

    Never had an S2 class since early nineties. Since new CfE courses started last year have seen big increase in S3 but S4 have dropped to half numbers. Seniors same as before. subject was shifted in column choices structure to accomodate social subjects. warned of the effect this might have on dept but ignored. We have moved to 6 subjects on S4 is this the norm?

    Lee Murray

    As far as I’m aware, most schools have moved to 6 subjects in S4.

    Robert Young

    We are also down to 6 subjects in S4.
    We are also going to put two S4 students through the Higher since we believe their ability is beyond N5 already.


    We have 1 period in S1 and 1 period in S2 with most S1/2 (split with business teachers). We have 3 periods in S3 and 4 periods in S4 (they have to choose Computing Science in S3 though).

    We go down to 6 subjects from 8 in S4 so they can drop it then.

    Numbers went up this year from last by 2 classes in S3. Almost all S3 kept it for S4. More coming into Higher next year too, and some Advanced Higher.


    For next year I have S1 for 7 periods out of the year, S2 on a half year rotation with Business. Our kids pick in S3 for S3/4 and they follow 7 subjects. I have 3 sets next year in S3 which is a set up on this year. I’m also getting to offer a course to S6 and have no S5 due to previous cull on department.

    Greg Reid

    I have 1 period in S1 (plus 12 periods of Scratch programming) and 1 period in S2 shared with Bus Ed.
    Course choices to 7 subjects in S3 giving me 4 periods a week.
    One course is dropped at the end of S3 leaving 6 at 5 periods a week in S4.
    (We have a 33 period week by the way)

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