SQL activities/ resources from SQA understanding standards event

  • Good morning.

    Thanks Greg for uploading the html activities from the understanding standards event. I am currently in the process of laminating them.  I am wondering if the SQL activities/ resources have been uploaded anywhere. We don’t really use Glow in East Lothian and I am struggling to find out where to go from the Glow Launch Pad. Any help would be much appreciated.


    They are on the Technologies Group

    Greg Reid

    SQA are also planning to put them on their own site soon.  If you are trying to download them from Glow please note that a teacher appears to have accidentally deleted all the resources Raymond has collated from the Glow page.  He’s hopefully going to have them all back online today.

    As a last resort you could contact Raymond for a copy of the files.


    Greg Reid

    P.S.  Extremely impressed that you’re already laminating them an hour after I posted the files.

    Haha. I never realised that you had just posted them, my only free period today.



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