SQA C Science and B Management on same day

  • Nicky Pasternak

    Thought I’d put this here as as it covers all levels in the Senior Phase.

    Does anyone else have this problem?

    For the second consecutive year the SQA exams for Computing Science and Business Management have taken place on the same day with the Computing Science examinations in the afternoon.

    This session we had 34 pupils who were involved in both examinations including 3 sitting Higher Business Management in the morning and Advanced Higher Computing Science in the afternoon and 13 sitting both Highers. At least one pupil had to sit 4 exams in 3 days.

    This has put a tremendous strain on these pupils and I am concerned that this has the potential to affect their performance and consequently their result.

    In addition, the Computing Science examinations have been in the afternoon on both occasions resulting in pupils having to sit the papers when they have already been through an examination that morning.

    My school is, once again, writing to the SQA about this and it would be great if any other schools in the same position did likewise.


    Nicky. We have a similar problem in our school with similar numbers. Thanks for sharing that your school has written to SQA regarding this. I have not done so in the past but will contact SMT to see if they will do so this time.

    Enrico Vanni

    This is a concern and the issue is set to get worse next year for N5 as the exams will be longer.  The unintended (or ill-thought through) consequences of change that is supposed to reduce the burden on our young people…..

    Willie Richardson

    … not that this would ever happen in a curriculum near us. Blessed to be among great minds during interesting times.
    I’d love to know the rationale for increasing the exam to 2 hours. Utterly bewildering.


    Thanks Nicky for this reminder, i’ve also contacted SLT about this, especially between Computing Science and Physics, where the Physics exam is a day after. We usually have a  high uptake of pupils choosing both subjects.

    Liz Dighton

    See below response I received to an email I sent them back in August 2016 which I sent as a parent first as my own child has had these 2 exams on the same day twice. As the reply says it is not an issue that has been brought to their attention previously so if you’ve not already notified them I’d suggest you do.

    A lot of my pupils also take Physics which is the day after Computing and almost 50% of my Higher class also took Physics so I’m not sure if they use any sort of data mining software to look at common subject combinations.

    National Qualification 2017 – Business Management and Computing Examinations

    Thank you for your email of 19 August expressing concerns about the timetabling of the examinations for National Courses in Business Management and Computing. I note your disappointment but am very grateful to you for taking the time to provide feedback. I have been asked to reply.

    You will appreciate that in preparation of operational processes that support the annual examination diet for National Courses we are required to produce a timetable that meets the requirements of over 550 centres who present candidates. There are very many competing interests that impact the timetable design and it really is impossible to produce a national timetable that would meet every centre’s expectation and needs.

    In agreeing an examination timetable we have in place a Timetable Advisory Group with representation from Head teachers, Local Authorities, Independent schools, teaching Unions and Chief Invigilators. The purpose of this group is to ensure we take cognisance of customer and external stakeholder views.

    As a company we place great importance in customer feedback and do listen to comments, although I note that the issue you raise with Business Management and Computing is not an issue that has been brought to our attention previously.

    You are correct in noting that it is too late to make amendments to the 2017 examination timetable. We will however take your feedback into account when preparing future examination timetables.

    Thank you for taking the time to bring this matter to our attention.

    Yours sincerely

    Donna Morrison
    Senior Operations Manager
    Business Development & Customer Support
    Telephone No: 0345 279 1000
    Fax No: 0345 213 5000
    International Tel +44 (0)141 500 5030
    International Fax +44 (0)141 242 2244
    Email: customer@sqa.org.uk
    Website: http://www.sqa.org.uk

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