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  • Sean Stratton

    I thought I might share some tools I have been playing with over the last year.

    Thonny – Python IDE for beginners. ( )

    • Everything is self contained, it includes tracing and variable watch window. Everything in one window. Now has a micro:bit plugin.

    Flowgorithim – Flow chart creator ( )

    • Not only a flow chart creator, it allows the chart to be executed and can be used to convert flow charts to a HLL. – Cloud coding

    • Python, HTML, CSS, JS, qbasic and many, many more. Create codecademy like courses while using classrooms.

    Glow Blogs – SyntaxHighlighter Evolved

    • Add formating to your code on posts

    ( Hello World ) –

    • Programming magazine
    • Educators subscribe for free

    Data Gov –

    • OK this isn’t obvious at first, the new N5 requires that pupils be able to extract data from existing datasets. Here is a lot of real world data in CSV format that could be dropped into a SQL friendly format.

    Hope this helps someone.


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