Software Design and Development Outcome 1 Unit by Unit approach

  • Erik Stevenson

    Hi, this is the first year we have used Python for our Nat5 and Higher courses, has anyone pre-verified a Python version of the Outcome 1 Unit by Unit assessment (for either level), just thought I’d check before I went through the process myself. Thanks

    Gordon Milne

    If you are using the same questions that SQA provided but only rewriting the code in a different programming language you do not need to have this prior verified as you are not making a major change to the assessment.

    That is my understanding at least and I know some colleagues have had such assessments pass verification.

    Erik Stevenson

    Thanks Gordon, that’s what I thought, I really just wanted to check that I wasn’t making it more complicated for the students, but I’ll just do as you say and convert it myself from VB.

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