Software Design and Development Checklist

  • a1an.robertson

    Probably a daft question but…

    The N5 checklist asks for

    “evidence of identifying and rectifying errors in program(s) developed”.

    Does anyone have any views on how this evidence would be captured or demonstrated?

    Mrs Janet McDonald

    Initial thought would be print outs of two code listings for a program – one before and one after debugging. Would that work?


    Seems reasonable, but could be tricky to manage.

    I was thinking along the lines of giving out code with mistakes in it and then letting the students fix and print it.

    I guess fundamentally my problem is that I can’t see anything in the unit assessment support materials to guide me towards a particular strategy. Hopefully this will be something else that will be clarified in later support materials. 🙂

    Lee Murray

    There are a couple of ways you could evidence it as mentioned. Giving out code with errors and having pupils fix it is one way, and it also covers ‘reading and interpreting’ a program. Having pupils print each version of their program, with errors being fixed along the way is another(you’ve already mentioned both of these).

    Another way would be just to have pupils write a wee evaluation of how successful they were (after completion), mentioning any errors they encountered and how they resolved them. The problem with this is that you could cheat and lie about it, but you could do that with every other piece of evidence too I suppose.

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