Snowboard Runs

  • Can anyone help with the wording of Task 5b. I take it they have to search for a Grade = Black and not Black runs. The whole thing appears a bit of a mess. Thanks

    Gareth Rae

    Hi Iain, my pupils have interpreted it as search for all the runs graded as black, therefore i’m happy with their interpretation and query on the field Grade = “black”

    Richard Tierney

    Page 13 of the unit assessment and support for ISDD clearly shows task 5b using Grade = black

    Pupils did do grade = black but the wording of 5a and 5b is similar i.e. green runs and black runs yet 5b needs a query on the grade field. I would suggest pupils need it to be clearer. Thanks for your replies.

    Mark Hay

    We are just about to mark ours too. And I think a lot of pupils like me will assume that task 5a Is looking for grade = green that are less than 2km – or is it just me that assumed this?

    Lindsey Grieve

    It has to be grade = green otherwise they are displaying the NUMBER of green runs by selecting the green runs field rather than the grade field.

    Mark Hay

    Just was trying to replicate the SQA answers and when selecting Grade = green and <2 we only get 7 results as opposed to the one detailed in ASP 1 (16 results)

    Peter Thoresen

    Task 5a = “Produce a printout of a report/layout showing all the green runs that are less than 2 km in length”

    The SQA sample answer shows all runs that are less than 2km in length – which is not what was asked for.

    Pupils answers will also only the ski run “Dante” (included in the SQA sample answer) if they have previously completed step 7 of the 2007 Int2 Information Systems Coursework.

    The Unit Assessment support packs are for us to
    • assess your candidates
    • adapt for your own assessment programmes
    • help you develop your own assessments

    Ignoring the incorrect supplied answers and using answers that are correct clearly falls under “adapt…” and should not need any prior verification.

    I wouldn’t mind this so much, but this is now version 1.1 of the task.

    Surely it would have made more sense to have entries such as Expert, Novice etc in the grade field. Why supply incorrect answers and not label them as such? Why should we adapt a SQA task – we are busy enough and this was their idea. Tasks should be clear and well thought out.


    Centres can of course make minor amendments to unit assessments such as the sample response for 5a which is just bizarre in the context of this assessment task (as Peter highlights the non-existent run name “Dante”). So such changes can be made which is for the benefit of pupils.

    However, this task has been verified by SQA. This has to be a concern. It has then subsequently been reviewed (precisely how one wonders) and re-submitted as version 1.1, and still this anomaly remains.

    We need to have complete trust in these very important materials being submitted by SQA – can we say that we do?

    John Schofield

    WE have done the same with 5(a) – assumed it was grade = green. Thanks for pointing this out – I might just leave it though and amend my assessment slightly – we have just started VB and still have AVU to do – fitting all this practical in is going to be a major headache.

    John Schofield

    Marking Scheme

    I have just noticed in marking scheme it says
    “Candidate will refer to these in the context of Snow Holidays. The sample answer refers to the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act and The Data Protection Act both of which are relevant in this database example.”

    the sample answer says
    “c. Carol will need to obtain permission to use the images because of the Copyright, Design and Patents Act. There are no Data Protection Act issues because there are no personal details being used.”

    So we have to make sure that the Data Protection Act is mentioned even though it is not actually relevant?

    Peter Thoresen

    In the task pupils are told:

    You should write a couple of sentences about each of the following:

    8c. any legal implication that Carol will need to consider (you will need to name two legal implications)

    There are five pieces of legislation that N5 pupils need to be aware of – all of these can be considered, although they will vary in relevance.

    The question effectively becomes “name two pieces of ICT related legislation, and describe how they apply to this application”.

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