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    I’m using python as my main programming language for N5 and the kids are working well through the practical side that and seem to be enjoying it. I’m just looking to cover some of the “theory” side of programming that they’ll need to understand for the exam. Things like sequence, iteration etc. A lot of this they will already know in one sense (although they might not actually fully realise the correct terminology for things at the moment) as they’re using it when programming but it’s putting it into something that we can work through and discuss in class and they use when revising. I’m planning to go away and create something but as a single handed department if someone has something they could put my way, even for another language that I could start from, then that would be a real help.

    Many thanks



    The NAT 5 Success Guide uses Python in the SDD unit so all examples would be relevant to your situation.

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