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  • Stephen Stewart

    I have heard that there will be LiveCode materials coming out around October time from RSE to support National 4/5. Can anyone confirm this? Also does anyone know if any other materials from them are in the works?



    I think the LiveCode materials you are talking about are the ones from Stephen White at Gracemount High School in Edinburgh. (Those are the ones that are currently on the LiveCode website) LiveCode are not producing them themselves but Stephen did say at the LiveCode training event that he was going to update his materials over the summer.

    Stephen Stewart

    I see. I have them already but heard RSE are making materials. I wasn’t 100% sure about it anyway so thanks for the clarification.

    Does anyone know is RSE are making any more materials for National 4/5?

    Andy McSwan

    Jeremy has been seconded again to make more resources so there should be more on the way. Not sure what language he will be writing for though.

    Jeremy Scott

    The RSE is preparing materials in LiveCode to exemplify SDD aspects of CS National 5 – they will be released at some point in the new term and I’d be happy to keep you updated on progress/publication.

    N4 ISDD materials will be available early in the new term after the holidays to accompany the first three packs, which can be downloaded from:


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