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  • Alasdair Sharp

    A few years back, at a CAS Scotland event, there was a web resource shared that was a bank of multiple choice questions for CS and other subjects. The platform would handle running quizzes and it would give analysis data on the class results, but the potential answers were formed around highlighting pupil misunderstandings.

    It was called something like Cognitive Questioning but for the life of me I can’t find it again.

    Does anyone have an idea what it might be? Or am I imagining this?


    Alan Furniss

    Pretty sure the phrase you’re looking for is diagnostic questions. was the resource.

    There were a few questions up specifically for n5/higher alongside more generic comp sci questions.

    Alasdair Sharp

    That’s the one! Thanks, that’s been driving me nuts.

    Calum Gordon

    Great site, very useful for CS in general with good feedback on student performance. I have found the quality of questions does vary quite a lot and there are some errors. The Project Quantum Computing quiz collection is especially useful. Can also just use single questions displayed on board to highlight misunderstandings.


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