Programming Language for National 4/5 class

  • ianking

    What programming language do you intend to use for National 4 / 5?

    Kathryn Brown

    An excellent question Ian!

    This year we have changed programming languages and are now using LiveCode.

    We have purposely moved to a language that we believe can be used in a multi level class of National 3 / 4 / 5 pupils.

    LiveCode is from RunRev and was developed from the old HyperTalk program. Pupil programs can be converted into apps and downloaded onto their mobile devices.

    At present we are using the teaching materials produced by Steven Whyte at Gracemount High School in Edinburgh.

    Anyone interested in trying out LiveCode should get in touch with Kevin Miller –


    Andy McSwan

    I’m also using Livecode, They are currently trying to raise funds to make it open source so fingers crossed that works out.

    I started using it this year and it’s very easy to learn.

    Kate Farrell

    RunRev’s KickStarter campaign is here:

    Please do support them – it would be fantastic for all of us if LiveCode goes Open Source


    My departments budget won’t stretch to buying livecode so am wondering if AppInventor can be used at N5 and Higher since it’s free?


    I’ve not started the App Inventor unit yet so i’m not sure how it compares but the recent SQA Implementation event i attended confirmed Scratch could be used as one of the languages for National 4/5 but not for Higher. I’m thinking of using this or BYOB alongside VB.NET.

    Peter W Donaldson

    Anyone who’s thinking of using AppInventor should visit David Wolbers website
    and take a look at the course in a box section and
    which has electronic copies of the appinventor book’s chapters freely available to download as well as the code for the completed apps.


    That’s a great resource Peter. I’m using App Inventor via Google Apps for Education accounts for the S3 course. Looking at the RSE resource at present and could use these too .Cheers


    I’m still trying to decide on an N4/5 programming language (hence the original post) I have looked at Java (Greenfoot) and considered Python, but Is there any significance in the fact that Visual Basic has been used in the N4/5 unit assessment support documents which the SQA put on the secure site?

    Robert Young

    Ian, I would love to use Python but I’ll wait till you annoy the region enough to get a build done before I ask for it. At the moment we are going to stick to VB6 and Scratch.

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